Top Ten Favorite TV Shows of 2013

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows of 2013
Welcome back! BP on TV has been dormant for a while, but the wave of year-end Best Of lists inspired me to dust off the blog and share my own collection of favorites from the year. (Note: I haven’t watched everything, so series like Orphan BlackRectify, and Top of the Lake were necessarily left off here, but they are on my To Watch list!) So click through to read my picks, and share your thoughts below.

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American Horror Story recaps | BP at GMMR

Hello again! I’m sorry to say grad school has become a bit busier now that the semester is in full swing, and I’ve barely had time to keep up with watching TV, let alone writing about it, too. Thus, BP on TV has regretfully been pretty slow lately, but I hope to get back to regular blogging when I can.

That said, I have been writing weekly recaps of American Horror Story over at Give Me My Remote. The show is by no means great television, but it’s captivating, entertaining, and unique, to say the least. I’ll tweet the links every week once the article goes live, but you can also find all of them here on my author page. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment on the reviews over at GMMR!

Sons of Anarchy | “Brick”

There was a new episode of Sons of Anarchy last night, so get your contingencies in place, and click through for my brief review of “Brick”…

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Sons of Anarchy | “Una Venta”

I’m a little past due on this one, but it’s been a busy week and I just got around to watching Tuesday night’s Sons of Anarchy. So become a member of the Gold Circle Club and click through for my review of “Una Venta”…

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | “73 Seconds”

On Wednesday night, CSI kicked off its 12th season in a new timeslot and with a new lead, so get out of your octopus tub and click through for my brief (although probably not 73 seconds-brief) review…

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Modern Family | “Dude Ranch”/”When Kids Go Bad”

Fresh off sweeping the comedy Emmys, Modern Family returned last night for its third season, so grab your cowboy hat and click through for my review of the special double-header.

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The Show Must Go On | BP at GMMR

Today for Give Me My Remote, I wrote an article looking at the various shows that are losing a lead actor this season (The Office, Law & Order: SVU, Two and a Half Men, and CSI), who’s coming in to replace them, and what the historical context is for such shake-ups.

Check it out here!

Sons of Anarchy | “Dorylus”

There was a new Sons of Anarchy last night, and I have a review right after the jump.

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63rd Primetime Emmy Awards | Post-Show Round-Up

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out Sunday night, so in the 24-hour news cycle, they’re old news at this point. But since I posted my hopes and predictions that afternoon before the show, I wanted to do a quick follow-up to evaluate my prognosticating skills and to share some brief thoughts on the winners and losers.

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63rd Primetime Emmy Awards | Hopes & Predictions

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards will be handed out tonight, during a ceremony airing on NBC and hosted by Glee star (and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominee) Jane Lynch. Just in time for the show, then, I’ve put together a list of my predictions for who will win, as well as my hopes for some upset winners.

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