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After weeks of back and forth tension between various couples on Greek, it seems like we finally (maybe) got some closure with “Camp Buy Me Love.” Casey realized that she and Cappie weren’t going to work outside of the college environment, Rusty chose Dana over Catherine, and with Calvin’s help, Evan got back the necklace he had given Rebecca so that he could move on (but then he saw the ticket stub on her mirror, so I’m not sure this one’s completely over yet). Compared to the last few episodes, it was much heavier dramatically, but it worked for the most part, except for an increasingly annoying Rusty. So let’s get started — after the jump.

Casey and Cappie’s coupling had been a long time coming. Even though they each had numerous other boyfriends/girlfriends since breaking up freshman year (including half the regular cast), we could always tell they were meant to get back together, and when they did at the beginning of this season, everything seemed right. When Casey started getting serious about graduation and post-college plans, though, and Cappie, well, didn’t, something had to give. Cappie’s easygoingness had been the main source of conflict between them for the past few weeks, and with his free-spirit parents’ introduction this week, it seemed that his carefree attitude would just continue, and… it did. But, 1) as Ashleigh pointed out to Casey, he’s always been this way and has no reason to change now, and 2) his and Casey’s story nicely paralleled his parents’, yet in an unexpected way.

April and Tobias started off way too broad. Cappie obviously takes after them in terms of his live-in-the-moment attitude, but some of their behavior (like April playing “Let’s Get Physical” on her flute while Casey and Cappie were in the tent), while funny, ultimately took them over the top. Once the silly antics were over, though, and April and Tobias revealed to Casey and Cappie, respectively, the real reason for their camping trip, it grounded them in some good drama. Their stories didn’t exactly match up, since April and Tobias were much more similar in their personalities than Casey and Cappie, but it nicely illustrated the fact that “some love stories are short stories” without getting too melodramatic. I found it very believable that Casey would leave that weekend confident in her love for Cappie, while equally confident in the fact that they weren’t meant to continue their relationship after college, and am interested to see whether the two of them will break things off now or just delay the inevitable.

While April/Tobias and Casey/Cappie ended on the same note in the “love story” story, Evan and Rebecca took a different path. He really loved her (or at least thought he did) and connected with her thanks to their similar histories and experiences. Seeing the ticket from their first date in her mirror made him think twice about moving on, but I hope he does after what she did to him. And now, it almost seems like Evan and Casey are realigning romantically. When Evan was talking about Rebecca with her, I realized I had forgotten he cheated on Casey with Rebecca in the first episode, but now that they are both looking to the future while their partners are stuck in the present, and they both are feeling some guilt for “trying to force it into something it wasn’t,” maybe it’s time for them to reconnect?

Reconnecting brings us to, by far, the worst part of the episode. Rusty, after turning down Catherine’s offer last week, decides he really wants to go for it with Dana, and decides to ask her out despite the fact that she is barely talking to him. Just like that, though, she changes her mind and agrees to a date, and Rusty feels a good connection. His whole storyline this half of the season has made him whiny, needy, and cocky — three of his worst attributes — and brought them all out at the same time. Sure, the Valentine’s Day episode was nice just to see him share some awkwardness with Catherine, but this week, when all he did was complain to Ashleigh and his brothers that he first didn’t have any viable date options, and then had too many, just made him annoying. His “I don’t know who to bring to the party” problem was almost identical to the one he had a few weeks ago, and his going back and forth between Ashleigh and the KT house was repetitive and irritating. The fact that he topped it all off by provoking a stupid fight with Evan made me not feel sorry for him at all when he got punched, and, in fact, made him look like the real jackass.

Ashleigh got stuck as sidekick to Rusty, which dragged her down a bit, but she at least kept it fun with all the ’80s references, even if those started to get repetitive by the end, too. And Dale, as always, popped up for some good comic relief, particularly in his scenes with Evan, “the violent predator of Rusty Cartwright, betrayer of Cappie.”

With the characters getting older and several of them nearing graduation, it’s good to see Greek dealing with some heavier themes. While most viewers will probably want a happy ending for Casey and Cappie, I would respect the show for keeping them apart while acknowledging they still loved each other. As for Rusty, I hope they can actually show him grow up some more and lose the childish complaining — he’s supposed to be pledge educator, not constantly relying on Cappie and Beaver for advice. (In fact, nobody should rely on Beaver for advice.) And I’d like to see Ashleigh get more of her own storyline, especially since she’s also a senior and is usually stuck on the sidelines and/or just interested in a boyfriend. There are only two episodes left this season, so I’m eager to see how everything plays out.

Bits & Pieces:

  • I know I mentioned it above, but wow, there were a lot of ’80s references. You could see the teacher’s “Anyone…anyone…anyone…Bueller?” from a mile away, but it still worked.
  • “I’m sorry for the fight… and anything else I’ve done lately.” — Cappie’s attempt at an apology following Casey’s request
  • Evan is so poor he can’t even afford good beer, yet he’s still drinking it out of a bottle at a bar? (Ever heard of Natty Light in cans??) Although he did get a good line about anyone’s “Best” always being the worst.
  • “I think two girls is one too many.” — Rusty // “I think one girl is one too many.” — Heath
  • Pledge checkers, and then chess, was a good sight gag. Chess didn’t work too well, though, since the KTs couldn’t figure out how to play, even with Chess for Dummies.
  • “Don’t be pressured by some bourgeois four-year construct.” — April to Cappie about graduation
  • “Is it because I’m weird?” — Catherine // “No, Dana’s weird too…” — Rusty
  • I can’t believe that this Rusty is the same one who went out with Jordan last year!
  • The only person Dale hates more than Evan is that “icy temptress” Rebecca
  • I know Evan and Rusty have a rough history and obviously don’t like each other, but Evan was acting civil and Rusty just came along and rubbed the Beaver/Rebecca thing in his face. Again, he really deserved that punch.
  • Ashleigh forgot to wear her real costume to Dobler’s, but messing up her hair and pulling a shoulder down on her shirt let her fit in perfectly.
  • “Cappie and I weren’t meant to last, Ash. We work here, in college, and I don’t think we’ll work anywhere else. Cappie and I aren’t a movie — we’re a short story, but a really good one.” — Casey

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