Greek renewed!

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What great timing! After my quasi-inaugural blog post on Greek‘s latest episode, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that ABC Family has renewed the series for a fourth season of 10 more episodes, slated to start later this year.

The show is ABC Family’s longest-running original series, and it recently premiered to 1.03 million viewers for part two of season three. Some fans were worried about its prospects (see:, but considering the most recent premiere posted some big gains in the key demos, as THR noted, it isn’t a big surprise that Greek will be back.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the current season plays out, though, since it seems to be heading toward graduation for several of the key characters. Maybe the timeline will slow down and season four will be plotted as the final 10 episodes? Or maybe, as I conjectured in one of my episode reviews, the graduates will move on to grad school at CRU, thus keeping intact the fictional universe?


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