Greek | “The Big Easy Does It”

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So this Greek review is coming quite late, but I figured I’d write up some quick thoughts to catch up before moving on to the newest episode. “The Big Easy Does It” saw a lot of backward momentum on the relationship front, which, really is what this show is all about (well, relationships and parties). Two couples that had just recently officially started — Evan/Rebecca and Rusty/Catherine — seemingly came to an end, and Casey and Cappie also kept from moving forward when he told her he wasn’t ready to plan for the future or graduate.

It was a strange mix of both indecision and decisiveness being the cause of these roadblocks. Rebecca, unwilling commit to Evan and admit she cares about him, and Cappie, unable to commit to a major and take the future seriously, both ended up letting down their partners, who knew exactly what they wanted. On the other hand, though, Catherine knowing she definitely wanted to have sex with Rusty led him to break things off with her.

In any case, it was still a fun episode centered around Mardi Gras. Several of the characters could have acted smarter and kept themselves from regressing back into old habits (just pick a major Cappie!), but the rest of it was entertaining enough to keep those problems from taking over.

Some other quick thoughts and favorite lines after the jump.

Bits & Pieces:

  • Even though Evan can be less-than-likable sometimes, it was still rough to see Rebecca kissing another guy right in front of him, proving that when it comes to relationships/boundaries, she can even be less likable (see: the Fisher situation last season).
  • “Are you sure you need that to get into law school?” — Cappie // “The ‘Law School Admission Test?’ Yes.” — Casey
  • “I picked up some Mardi Gras masks. I just wanted you to try them on, make sure they don’t overpower your small head” — Catherine to Rusty
  • “You don’t drink. Or have fun. What’s the point?” — Laura // “I think it’s a perfect opportunity to show people you can have fun without drinking.” — Dale // “You saying that makes me want to drink.” — Laura
  • “Let’s see those chompers… Come on.” — Dale to Dana, trying to decide if she’s a suitable date after his last problem with Retainer Girl
  • “The next parade’s theme is people with cups!” — Beaver
  • “Nobody likes a know-it-all, Dana.” — Dale, after trying to impress her by knowing the origin of Mardi Gras, only to be one-upped by her
  • Catherine has always thought Al Gore was “very hunky”
  • Calvin thought Ashleigh was a drag queen when he first saw her at Gentleman’s Choice
  • “You want to know why you don’t believe in love? ‘Cause you’re heartless.” — Evan to Rebecca. Ouch!
  • The whole Joel thing is bugging me: Why would he, a Capitol Hill staffer at least three years older than Casey, be trying to pursue her while she’s still a senior? He seems like an honest guy, but it still seems weird that he would show up at the test building at night after she was finished taking the LSAT.

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