Greek | “The First Last”

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After a stretch of Greek episodes focused heavily on the various relationship problems of the main characters (Cappie & Casey, Rusty & Catherine/Dana, Evan & Rebecca), “The First Last” was a nice break from that, returning to the brighter side of the CRU Greek system in an episode reminiscent of the show’s earlier years. Yes, the relationship drama was still present, but more so with the characters who usually aren’t usually front-and-center, and it took a back seat to the ΩΧ/ΚΤ rivalry that will surely come to a head in next week’s finale. So let’s get started — after the jump.

The episode’s title, “The First Last,” was clearly explained by Ashleigh in one of the opening scenes. She and Casey remark that there are only six weeks left at CRU/ΖΒΖ, and Ashleigh goes on to say it’s their “last 10:15 am on March 10.” While turning everything into a “last” can be funny, it does get old quickly, and yet, what really struck me about all of this, is that it’s true — not just for these characters, but for us, too. The season finale is next week and then there will be 10 more episodes in the show’s fourth (and likely final) season, but after that, Greek will be done. So while the ruminations on post-college plans and who-will-end-up-with-who? have gotten a little heavy in the past few weeks, it seems that everything is just being set up to pay off in that final stretch of episodes, without resolving anything too soon.

Of course, there was some resolution this week. With spring break coming up, Grant proposed a gay cruise to Calvin, but he wanted to just go with the rest of the brothers to Myrtle Beach. By helping Adam, a guy from Dale’s church group, through his coming-out crisis, Calvin realized that he and Grant weren’t going to work. Grant came out of the closet and immediately started dating Calvin, and aside from his blonde hair and Mardi Gras shirtlessness, he never really got to see what it was like to embrace his newfound identity. Unlike a lot of break-ups on the show that are spurred by cheating or betrayal, this one was just a matter of two people seeing they wanted different things, even though they loved each other and still cared about each other. And after Casey’s realization at the end of last week’s episode, it seems like she and Cappie may be headed in the same direction.

This week, though, Cappie and Casey were focused on their respective Greek Week events — Cappie on the fraternity golf tournament, so he could get revenge on Evan, and Casey on the sorority beauty pageant, so she could get ΖΒΖ back on top before she graduates.

Cappie’s story line got Rusty out of his annoying girl trouble phase by including a good look at their big brother-little brother relationship. Rusty always goes to Cappie for advice and trusts him completely, so he was obviously hurt when Evan spilled the beans about their secret friendship last semester, and again when Cappie made it seem like he couldn’t trust Rusty with the revenge plan. Rusty still came off whiny and annoying at times, but at least it was more justified, and once Cappie finally let him in on his no-plan plan, the two seemed to cook up a good scheme that will blow up next week.

Casey, instead of taking the lead in her relationship with Cappie, took the lead in her relationship with ΖΒΖ. She accepted the nomination to represent the house in the pageant after Ashleigh passed, her pageant days behind her (do the writers just not want to give Amber Stevens a story line?), and when Rebecca announced that she’d like to be considered, Casey told her that her “scandals” were too big a liability; “We need to win, no offense,” she said. A reality-check from Rebecca (“What will you do to validate yourself next year when there are no ΖΒΖ contests to win?”) and a less-harsh reiteration from Cappie (“Maybe you don’t always need to be the hero”) cause Casey to reconsider, and Rebecca ends up winning the pageant and carrying the house back to #1.

Even though her speech was super cheesy, and the crowd’s reaction was even more so, the message on male-female double standards was a good, if oft-repeated, one. It was nice to see the normally cold-hearted Rebecca show some emotion, both in the form of tears backstage, and in a passionate speech in front of the audience, but I’m not quite sure what the plot meant in terms of her and Evan. They seem to both still have feelings for each other, even if they’re denying it, but it doesn’t make sense that she would still be so cold to him. Yes, his brothers called her a skank, and he did steal back the necklace from her room, but he also told the guys to cut it out, and she was the one who cheated on him multiple times, including to his face. She repeated the same sort of “he gets me because we’re both messed up” that Evan said when they first started dating, so a reconciliation of some sort seems likely, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

As the second-to-last episode of the season, it might not have advanced all of the individual plot lines enough, but as an episode of Greek, it did what it should: show us a side of college that may seem silly from the outside but is anything but when you’re part of it. It gave us laughs, excitement, and some deeper messages, and set everything up for an ultimate show down next week.

Bits & Pieces:

  • Cappie thought Dana was a Girl Scout when Rusty introduced her. (“Can’t talk about your plan in front of me ’cause I’m a girl?” — Dana // “No, it’s cause you didn’t bring me any Thin Mints.” — Cappie)
  • Apparently Ashleigh and Pete broke up? When did that happen?
  • “There’s a Jehovah’s Witness here to see you.” — ΩΧ  brother to Calvin, about Dale
  • – “I’m a Baptist… that’s like mistaking a Methodist for a Lutheran.” — Dale
  • Evan thinks that the ΚΤ brothers put Beaver up to sleeping with Rebecca, not that she instigated it
  • “Let’s not label what we have… or initial it… or speak of it with other people out loud.” — Laura to Dale (Again, when did this happen?)
  • Dale got some nice revenge when she broke things off by announcing to the whole ΖΒΖ house that they were no longer in a relationship and that “Dale Kettlewell is back on the market”
  • “I saw New Moon six times.” — Adam on how he knew he was gay
  • “Hurry, it’s almost tee time.” // “We don’t have time for tea!” — Beaver, panicking about Cappie and Rusty going missing
  • To delay the golf game, Beaver throws a Snickers onto the green and yells “dookie!”
  • “I have a few gowns that would be perfect for this pageant.” // “Really? How?” // “From being rich.” — Rebecca
  • Good thing the judges of the pageant didn’t judge on whether or not the contestants answer the question: Rebecca’s answer had nothing to do with health care

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