Time to Start

Since there’s practically nothing posted here already, I doubt anyone has noticed…well, the lack of posts. If you’re wondering, though, I set up this blog about six months ago in the hopes of using it as a place where I could post recaps/reviews of episodes of my favorite TV shows, react to the latest industry news, and just share my thoughts about television trends.

Obviously, that didn’t exactly happen as I had planned. Part of what spurred my motivation was my then-upcoming role as an assistant editor and more regular TV writer at the Tufts Daily (my articles can be found here), as well as a new interest in reading more thoughtful, analytical television reviews (specifically those by Alan SepinwallJames PoniewozikMyles McNuttMaureen Ryan, and the various critics at The Onion’s AV Club). I aspired to their level of both viewership and prolificacy (prolificness? prolificity?) of critiques, and while I may have met my goal on the first point, I clearly fell way short on the second.

I had hoped that my new position as a Daily editor would be a natural push towards becoming the kind of critical viewer and writer I wanted to be, especially since I watched lots of TV already. Instead, I found that my five academic classes, editing duties, and a volunteer teaching position every week made it extremely difficult to find time just to *watch* my many shows (although, usually, I somehow pulled it off), let alone write about them all.

Now that I’m in blogging mode though (about my thoughts and experiences about studying abroad in Paris, France), I figured it’s as good a time as any to get this up and running. It’s a little ironic, since this is probably the only long span of time when I won’t have access to live US television or hulu.com, but luckily there are enough other websites streaming shows out there that it’s not too big a problem.

However, just because I still have ways to watch TV here doesn’t mean I necessarily have time to watch and write a lot. So far, I have been approaching my TV watching as follows: I have 20+ shows I enjoy and follow week to week. I know there is no possible way I can watch them all (even if there were time, I’m in PARIS and should be doing other things). Therefore, shows I know I will be getting on DVD when they come out are second in line to those I won’t be buying. Unfortunately, that largely means that my favorite shows are on the back burner while I keep up with others I enjoy, but don’t feel the need to own/spend money on.

Under those guidelines, I am left with:

  • FOX’s Sunday night animation line-up (minus The Cleveland Show)
  • House
  • Greek
  • Cougar Town
  • CSI (original-flavor, i.e., Las Vegas)
  • The Mentalist
  • Fringe

Some of these series, especially the procedurals (including House) don’t lend themselves too well to a weekly review structure, so unless an episode really stands out, I probably won’t have anything to write about it. The FOX comedies, due to the haphazard nature of most plot lines, may also prove difficult to really review, so those may end up being more summaries and a rundown of the funniest lines. With Fringe on hiatus for a couple of months, all that’s left for regular write-ups are Greek and Cougar Town.

I think both will work well for what I’m trying to do this semester because, 1) they’re solid serialized shows but don’t seem to have huge and/or very vocal fan bases, so if I say anything unpopular, there won’t be another Chuck-pocalypse (that, plus I doubt this blog will have that big a following any time soon) and 2) they aren’t frequently written about by the TV critics I mentioned above, so it will give me a chance to get used to the blogging process and write my own thoughts without being swayed a certain way by reading someone else’s piece.

So with that, I hope you have a better understanding of what I’m all about and what my goals are for this blog. For now, don’t expect a ton of posts — probably a few each week — and, considering the time difference, don’t be surprised if they’re not always incredibly timely. Over the summer I hope to do some catching up on the shows I missed over the semester, so if Greek and Cougar Town aren’t for you, feel free to come back in June. Hope you enjoy!


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