BP on TV’s Grand Re-Opening!

Welcome back to BP on TV!

When I originally started this blog, it was mainly as a hobby. I am a longtime fan of television, and in recent years I have been reading more TV criticism, so I thought it might be fun to try my hand at it, as well. The regular blogging got away from me over the summer and I never got back into it at school last semester.

Now, though, I have found a way to restart the blog (with a new logo!) and tie it into some of my academic interests. BP on TV will now function as the creative portion of my senior project for my Communications and Media Studies minor at Tufts University.

My plan is to choose two or three shows and write weekly post-air reviews of each of them. Modern Family and Glee are definites, as they are ripe for critique on both storytelling (characterization, plot, etc.) and “message” (race, gender, sexuality, etc.) levels. I’d like to choose a new show for the third (possibly The Chicago Code), but I’ll have to wait and watch some of the new mid-season offerings before making a final decision.

Among my criteria for choosing the shows: they will either be new or ones I have watched completely up to this point; they will have a considerable level of popularity (not be in danger of cancellation); and they need to use serial storytelling so the reviews will be able to go beyond mere plot summary. I also plan to post some TV news stories when I find them particularly mention-worthy.

Criticism is an important part of the arts and media community, and television criticism in particular is in a state of flux. TV critics act as gatekeepers of sorts to the television world: they tell audiences what to watch, what to avoid, and what is happening in the industry. They also function as a sounding board to TV writers and network executives, letting them know through their reviews what is working, what isn’t, and why.

More and more nowadays, TV criticism is happening online, with critics providing weekly episodic reviews and forums for viewers to discuss the latest episodes of their favorite shows. And perhaps most importantly, TV criticism’s shift toward online has provided ample opportunities for amateur critics to participate in critical discussion.

Ultimately, the goal of this project is for me to take advantage of blogging technology and use the space to develop my critical writing analytical skills. I don’t expect to garner a following at the level of top critics like those in my blogroll, but using platforms like Twitter and Facebook, I hope to spread the word about BP on TV and make it a destination for those who watch the few shows I will be covering.


3 responses to “BP on TV’s Grand Re-Opening!

  1. I feel like the name for your blog doesn’t work because the P in your last name isn’t said the way you would read the P in BP.

  2. Meg, that is actually entirely unfair. I think we’d all appreciate it if you would rescind your comment.

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