FOX loves ‘Fringe,’ schedules ‘Terra Nova,’ and more at TCA Press Tour

FOX didn’t make any unexpected announcements today at the TCA Press Tour, but the network did trot out its new panel of American Idol judges for a Q&A session, and entertainment chiefs Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice candidly answered critics’ questions during the executive session. Some highlights after the jump.

  • The format of American Idol this season will be a bit different, with a Las Vegas round added and the semi-final round trimmed down. Alan Sepinwall has a good rundown of those changes.
  • It sounds like Steven Tyler will be an incoherent addition to the judging panel.
  • The new, long-gestating sci-fi series Terra Nova from executive producer Steven Spielberg finally has a premiere date: Monday, May 23. The second hour of the pilot will air Tuesday, May 24, and the show will then be held until the fall, in a similar fashion to the first season premiere of Glee.
  • Lie to Me still has a chance of returning for a fourth season, despite not receiving a back-nine pickup, according to Reilly.
  • Reilly also stated his love for Fringe (“It’s a show we’re very passionate about“) and expressed hope that fans would follow it to Fridays, since the numbers it was drawing on Thursdays would be huge for the new time slot. (*The ratings tell another story, though, as TV by the Numbers cautions.)
  • Raising Hope was renewed for a second season, making it the only success story of FOX’s crop of new fall shows.
  • Of those rookies that didn’t make it, Rice said of Lone Star, “We made a show that we really loved,” but it just didn’t work out, and Reilly noted that Running Wilde found itself eventually, but was “too little, too late.”
  • House and Bones, while not officially renewed yet, should be back next season.

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