Greek | “Cross Examined Life”

Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Evan (Jake McDorman) attend their first law school class on "Greek"

There was a new episode of Greek last night, and I have a review of it after the jump.

The first two episodes of the season did the job of reestablishing the status quo — keeping all of the characters (except Ashleigh) at CRU for various reasons, because Greek isn’t Greek without the whole gang. Since both of those episodes were set in the days leading up to the new school year, they felt like a sort of prologue. The year hadn’t really started for the characters, so the season hadn’t really started for us. Last night, though, classes began, Ashleigh returned, and things really started moving.

“Cross Examined Lives” felt very much like a classic Greek episode, full of silly gags and good character pairings, but it also felt more grown up and mature. Sure, the original cast (minus Frannie) is all at CRU still, so from the outside it looks like not much has changed over these four seasons, but everyone really is growing up. That fact is made clear by certain not-so-subtle dialogue (Casey and Ashleigh realizing they “can’t run away forever,” Calvin and Cappie realizing they need to decide on a major before it’s too late), but Greek has never really been a subtle show. It wears its themes on its sleeve, but it always grounds them in established, believable character beats, so it usually pulls it off.

One reason last night’s episode worked so well is that it communicated its themes through non-romantic pairings. Casey telling Cappie to grow up can only happen so many times, so it was good to see the show take Casey’s advice (change for yourself, not for someone else) and have the different realizations happen between friends. Ashleigh and Casey’s reunion and the vague circumstances surrounding Ashleigh’s leaving New York led to a nice scene in the car where they were forced to realize they had to stay at CRU and face their problems. Cappie and Calvin as partners (in another one of Greek‘s ridiculous classes/professors) for their philosophy assignment gave us the nice (stoned) confession from Calvin that he and Cappie are more alike than we think. And Rusty and Dale came to an agreement at the end, a cathartic moment after an episode of arguing.

Perhaps none of the story lines answered the philosophical question of “Why are we here?” but most of the characters seemed to realize by the end that CRU and their respective houses are where they belong. Just because everyone is still at CRU doesn’t mean things aren’t changing, and I’m excited to see just how much things evolve over this last stretch of the series.

Bits & Pieces

  • “It’s like New York with math!”
  • “See, ‘proclivity.’ And I’m not even in class yet.”
  • “The one with the slight but sexy overbite?”
  • Katherine’s back too! Another contrived reason for a graduate to return to CRU, but she was fun last season and will be a good presence again, I’m sure

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