Top Chef All-Stars | “Restaurant Wars: One Night Only”

I don’t have a full review, but I do have a few quick thoughts on last night’s Restaurant Wars episode of Top Chef All-Stars after the jump.

I’m not a long-time Top Chef fan, nor have I even watched every episode from this All-Stars season, but I do watch now and then (mostly when I’m at home during breaks from school), and when I watch, I enjoy it. This season has been especially fun, combining all the different personalities of former contestants that make for the best TV, and seeing what happens.

I’m not really familiar with the Restaurant Wars concept from past seasons, but I got the idea pretty quickly last night. Each team captain picks his or her team and they have 24 hours to put together a pop-up restaurant, with a full menu and wait service. Which team you’re on is very important, since any clashing styles can quickly kill the entire experience, as we saw with Marcel and Mike.

That said, I would have been very surprised if Marcel didn’t go home last night. He hasn’t been made to be the nicest guy (he did an interview with E! last week claiming he got a “bad edit”), and this episode just hammered that point home. His line about using the fish extras in the Quickfire Challenge (“to throw away a life is very wasteful”) came off as pretentious, and his whole demeanor as team captain for Etch was grating (“How many times do I have to tell you…” “I don’t want to be rude, but…”). It was pretty obvious throughout the episode that he would be packing his knives, but the bickering at the Judges’ Table sealed the deal and I was glad to see they didn’t throw in a surprise elimination at the end. Marcel wasn’t annoying-but-fun like Angelo can be; he was just annoying, and I can’t say I’ll miss him.

As for the rest of the episode, the Quickfire didn’t do much (except give Dale immunity, which he wisely used to put together a winning team), but the Elimination Challenge was a lot of fun. Bodega looked delicious, and the competition wasn’t even close. It was good to see all the elements of a real Top Chef’s job in one place — prepping, cooking, plating, expediting, serving, hosting, etc. The show often makes it look like it’s all about the cooking, but without the presentation, the best food is nothing.

So congratulations to team Bodega, and to Richard for winning the $10 K (furnished by Buitoni!). And goodbye to Marcel… at least you won’t get any more “bad edits.”

Share your thoughts on “Restaurant Wars: One Night Only” in the comments section below!


3 responses to “Top Chef All-Stars | “Restaurant Wars: One Night Only”

  1. I really enjoyed the episode, actually probably more so due to the fact Marcel left. I know he says that they edited him to look worse than he was, but as one of the other eliminated cheftestents said in an interview “if you say it, they can air it”. I was a little worried about Tiffany though. She was awful in the front of the house, especially compared to Fabio, plus her dish was really bad. Glad she didn’t go home!

    • Yeah this was a good episode. I like Tiffany, too, but Fabio definitely upstaged her on the front of the house stuff. It’s nice to see them do other restaurant-related tasks, instead of just cooking

  2. Rovellen Elbrink

    some chefs tray there best to become top chefs, and for athers just want to become ritch. For me it is all about food and my passion. I think we must focus more on how can we feed the world and help the poor. God don’t care about world goals you have but, God cares about heavenly goals you have. Please be a chef that are open to change and do what you love. Remember Restaurants want to make money thats all, they don’t care about you and your wife and kids. You spend most of your time working then being with people you love. Remember your family always come first. Yes we do need a job to pay our bills every month but, put your family first. Because when you have nothing (work), you have them (family). R.E

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