Greek | “Home Coming and Going”

Heath (Zack Lively) and Calvin (Paul James) on "Greek"

There was a new episode of Greek last night, and I have a review of it after the jump.

“Home Coming and Going” was a pretty mixed bag, I thought. There were a lot of different stories happening, but only some of it hit the mark.

First, the good:

The Casey and Ashleigh stuff was strong. It has been nice to see Ashleigh deal with the post-college job process in a realistic way (even if it is her fault she doesn’t have her NYC internship anymore), and it’s nice to see her struggles contrasted with everyone else’s relative security and stability. Casey’s frustrations are understandable, and I think it was completely fair of her to ask Ashleigh to take the barback job and get her own place, but, of course, it’s hard for her to put herself in Ashleigh’s shoes. Their fight at the barbeque featured some strong work from Spencer Grammer and Amber Stevens, and I’m just hoping it takes some time to work things out, and things don’t go back to normal next week.

I liked the ΚΤ stories, too. The beginning was a little clunky, with Cappie and Rusty having to spell out exactly why they had to be nice to Spidey’s dad (for the money, which will already knew), but once things got going, it was a nice chance to see how much Rusty has evolved over the years (he’s now cool and a nerd) and for Cappie to realize that leaving college doesn’t always mean life-long boredom. Lasker Parkes ended up being somewhat of a fairy-tale angel , but at least it fit with his thinly-developed character that he would see himself in Cappie and try to help him out.

Then, of course, we got the Casey and Cappie stories colliding at the end, with her blowing off steam by getting drunk, and Cappie getting sucked in after walking her home. We knew this was coming eventually, but it will be interesting to see the repercussions of a drunken hook-up between the exes.

Now, the stuff that didn’t work so well:

I like Heath and Calvin together, but their conflict last night felt so contrived. Both of them were so worried about secrets that we just learned about last week, and then we got a classic misunderstanding (Heath thought Calvin was talking about one thing, but he was really talking about something else!), only to be resolved with the two professing their love for each other at the end. It makes sense that they might be uneasy about certain aspects of their relationship, but the conflict and quick resolution just felt forced.

The conflict between Evan and Rebecca, while not as forced, doesn’t do much for me, either. They’re clearly at different points in their lives and want different things out of the relationship, but they can’t say anything honest to each other about it. Passive-aggressive Rebecca is not the Rebecca we know, and she needs to step up and say something.

Finally, I’m not liking where Ashleigh and the professor are going. If he graduated college in 1990, he’s about 20 years older than her, plus he’s her best friend’s professor. She shouldn’t be falling for it, but he shouldn’t even be trying.

Overall, not the strongest episode of the season, but it certainly had its highlights. Now that most of the characters have been confronted by their fairy tales, the last several episodes should be about them facing reality.

Bits & Pieces

  • We got a callback to Andy and his days as Rusty’s little brother (but no reference to Rusty stealing Jordan from him, which is why he quit).
  • “I never thought I’d be friends with a red-top either.” So Tripp is Dale’s big brother…
  • How condescending were the alumni that Ashleigh was talking to?
  • ΚΤ sure knows how to throw a party.

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