Greek | “Fumble”

I’m running a little behind today, so just a quick review of last night’s Greek after the jump.

So this was the big “controversial” episode about the morning-after pill… Going into it, I didn’t expect it to really be that big a deal, but I at least expected it would be a major plot point of last night’s episode, “Fumble.” Turns out it didn’t even take up that much time in the episode, and it was dealt with quite matter-of-factly, as more of a catalyst for Casey and Cappie’s relationship than any sort of unplanned pregnancy moral.

The show handled the story line well. It certainly wasn’t as heavy or well-done as the fourth-season abortion story line on Friday Night Lights, but it’s Greek so it didn’t have to be, nor should it have been. It was a good way of dealing with the issue of unprotected sex, in that it was true to the show’s tone and the characters, and never became a sort of After-School Special on the topic.

The big news to come out of all this is that Cappie and Casey are back together, or so it seems. The babysitting story was perhaps a bit too on the nose in its parallels to their relationship–parallels which the two then spelled out, with Cappie always being the kid and Casey always having to be the adult–but for fans of the show, I’m sure all they wanted was that final scene of the two lying in the grass together. We knew they’d end up together, so I’m glad we’ll actually get to see them as a couple again for these last several episodes, even if it meant their reconciliation took a little quicker than it maybe should have.

The rest of the episode worked to set the pieces in place for the final string of episodes. Rusty and Ashleigh are moving closer to getting together, even if Rusty doesn’t know it yet. Casey and Ashleigh continue to fight, setting up their inevitable reconciliation. Calvin deals with his alienation from ΩΧ. Rebecca realizes how much she has come to care about and rely on Evan. And Dale continues to gain confidence in his new role as a pledge. My interest in each of those plots varies, but the writers are at least doing a job of servicing all their characters (and still finding space for bit players like Katherine and Beaver) as the season, and series, winds down.

There are only four episodes left at this point, and while we can pretty much see what’s coming, I’m still enjoying the ride.

Bits & Pieces

  • About the Ashleigh/Rusty hook-up: It was very clear, especially when Ashleigh took out the lipstick, that she was the girl Rusty kissed the night before, so I don’t think the flashback was at all necessary for that reveal. I thought it did work, however, to show us their interaction beyond the kiss, and that, even though he was drunk and she was upset, there is something between them.
  • Continuing the “CRU is an amazing school” trend: what a babysitting party at the ΖΒΖ house!
  • “This duvet — heavenly! The bathroom — no mold!”
  • Cappie gets meta: “Would that be such a bad thing? It’s what the people want!”
  • “I’d stop to talk, but I’m making a dramatic exit.”
  • The Chuck wind machine made a guest appearance at the photo shop. Plus, we got another male Carol (after Matt Damon on 30 Rock).
  • “He’s even taking a 10 a.m. class.” “Tuesday/Thursday?” “Monday/Wednesday/Friday!”

Share your thoughts on “Fumble” in the comments section below!


4 responses to “Greek | “Fumble”

  1. I wish the show had more episodes because I would love to see more of Beaver and Katherine. Something about them just works. Maybe it’s because they are both clueless in their own ways.

    Personally I’m glad they didn’t go all heavy handed after school special in what is supposed to be a comedy. Cough, Glee, Cough.

    • Yeah, it’s too bad the show is winding down, but at least it looks like they’ll be tying everything up nicely. And well said re: Glee. I think the show has always had a more dramatic/sad core, but it certainly markets itself as a comedy, and the moralizing is often overbearing.

  2. I think the Cappie and Casey stuff took to long. I was sick of waiting.

    Honestly the jokes last night were amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing but the back and forth with Casey telling Cappie it won’t work grated on my last nerve. I thought the episode could have been written better.

    I guess they are trying to put to much into a short amount of episodes but if they cut out some Rusty they would have had time. Every episode has been about him this year.

    • Yeah, I think they’re struggling to stuff everything into to only 10 episodes, but I think it’s working pretty well so far — also glad they didn’t draw out the Casey/Cappie stuff any longer. I’m okay with Rusty being in all the episodes… I probably wouldn’t mind him being less prominent in a couple, but since he’s the link for so many characters (including Ashleigh now) I think they’d have to force more interactions without him.

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