Sons of Anarchy | “Brick”

There was a new episode of Sons of Anarchy last night, so get your contingencies in place, and click through for my brief review of “Brick”…

Everyone is telling lies: Potter to Roosevelt about keeping his involvement on this case a secret; Lyla to Opie about her birth control; Bobby to Otto about taking out Georgie; Gemma to Clay about the letters; Juice to the club about his racial background and working with the sheriff. Pretty much all of those lies are understandable, since the immediate alternative to them probably sounds much worse. But, as we know, dishonesty tends to only make things worse for SAMCRO, and with all these lies piling up, they’re going to have to come crashing down at some point, and when that happens, nobody is going to be happy.

The stakes are definitely being raised all around this season, and I like the way the tension is building. However, this episode fell a little flat in that very little happened in the way of new developments. Some individual choices were made that will affect what happens down the line (see: all the lies, above), but “Brick” was more of a placeholder/stage-setting episode in the bigger scheme of things. On some level that’s necessary, since the show can’t be all action all the time, with zero build-up. But it’s also a bit frustrating when nearly every storyline and character involves big lies that don’t yet lead anywhere. Some are character-driven and thus make sense (Bobby lying to Otto out of guilt over his involvement with Luann), but others are plot-driven or at least lack clear motivation (Juice risking so much to help Roosevelt) that it seems like Kurt Sutter just needed to stall so he could have everything start unraveling at the same time closer to the end of the season.

While that’s certainly an understandable motivation, I just wish some of the decisions in “Brick” could have felt a little more organic and in-character. If the “action” for the week is going to be moving things into place, at least have the characters doing things for reasons that are more clearly laid out and that we better understand. JUST having Potter continue to be his enigmatic self, or JUST having Lyla not wanting to get pregnant, or JUST having Gemma continue to withhold the truth about JT’s letters — that would be one thing. But all of those happening in the same episode, and at the expense of much else of other plot developments — that’s a bit much to be happening without any explanation. But, like I said, if everything boils over at once a few weeks down the road, that’s going to be a good stretch of Sons of Anarchy, one I expect will make this all worth it.

Bits & Pieces

  • Real-life husband and wife Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal got to share a scene this week, when Gemma went to visit Otto in prison.
  • David Hasselhoff guest starred as the new porn director/producer, who was mentored by Luann. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of both him and Tom Arnold now that the Sons plan to use Georgie’s Japanese investor friends to scuttle Hale’s Charming Heights development.
  • Potter really wants to remain a secret around Charming. Last week he told Gemma he was a city planner and told Otto he was the sheriff, and this week he continues to have Roosevelt do the negotiating with Juice. Is he just being extra careful, or is there more to his behind-the-scenes-only approach?
  • It’s still unclear, at least within the show’s world, why the risk of being outed as black is greater than the risk of working with the cops for Juice. I know his plan wasn’t to steal a whole brick of cocaine, but even a few grams would have surely been noticed, and we’ve seen how the club deals with rats.
  • Opie and Lyla just got married, but things are already going off the tracks for them. Hope they can work it out; don’t want to see Opie lose another wife.

What did you think of “Brick”? Was there enough plot development or did things seem stilted to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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