American Horror Story recaps | BP at GMMR

Hello again! I’m sorry to say grad school has become a bit busier now that the semester is in full swing, and I’ve barely had time to keep up with watching TV, let alone writing about it, too. Thus, BP on TV has regretfully been pretty slow lately, but I hope to get back to regular blogging when I can.

That said, I have been writing weekly recaps of American Horror Story over at Give Me My Remote. The show is by no means great television, but it’s captivating, entertaining, and unique, to say the least. I’ll tweet the links every week once the article goes live, but you can also find all of them here on my author page. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment on the reviews over at GMMR!


2 responses to “American Horror Story recaps | BP at GMMR

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  2. hi, that’s a discriminating accumulation. There is many mistakes but the water is here.

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