About Me

My name is Ben Phelps (BP) and I am a television enthusiast.

I have always enjoyed watching TV, but it was usually just a pastime that wavered on the obsessive side. During the spring semester of my sophomore year at Tufts University, though, I started honing my critical skills as a TV reviewer for the Tufts Daily, and the following fall I became an assistant editor and more regular TV writer (my articles can be found here). At the same time, I took a new interest in reading more thoughtful, analytical television reviews (specifically those by Alan SepinwallJames PoniewozikMyles McNuttMaureen Ryan, and the various critics at The Onion’s AV Club). I aspired to their level of viewership and of written output, and figured I would set up a personal blog space to practice my technique.

The blog took on even more importance (to me, at least) during my senior year, functioning as the creative portion of my senior project for my Communications and Media Studies minor at Tufts University. You can read more about it and the project significance here.

UPDATE (12/17/13): Between graduate school and, later, full-time employment,  BP on TV sort of fell by the wayside, but I’m hoping to start writing at least semi-regularly again. Follow me @phelpsben to stay updated on any new posts.

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