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Cougar Town | “Cry to Me”

A very "Cougar Town" Valentine's Day

Cougar Town aired its final episode before a two-month hiatus last night, and I have a review after the jump.

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Cougar Town | “Everything Man”

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Weird. It was another fun and funny Cougar Town this week, but some of it, like the talking Japanese toilet, was just bizarre. Even with what seemed like a bunch of random jokes, though, “Everything Man” gave us a strong A-story about Jules’ need to meddle in everyone’s lives and left us at an uncertain, but fitting, conclusion regarding the state of Jules and Grayson’s relationship. So let’s get started — after the jump.

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Cougar Town | “Turn This Car Around”

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When I originally started this blog, my plan was to do weekly recaps/reviews of Cougar Town and Greek because they are two shows that, (a) with limited time, I want to stay caught up on since I probably won’t pick them up on DVD, and (b) are less frequently reviewed by the major blogs I read. Cougar Town write-ups have slipped by me thus far, but I have a little bit of time now and figured I’d jot down some thoughts on “Turn This Car Around.” So let’s get started — after the jump.

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