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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | “73 Seconds”

On Wednesday night, CSI kicked off its 12th season in a new timeslot and with a new lead, so get out of your octopus tub and click through for my brief (although probably not 73 seconds-brief) review…

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | “Man Up”

Carrot Top guest starred on "CSI"

After ten seasons of faithfully watching the flagship show of the mighty CSI franchise, I let the show fall of my regular viewing schedule this year. I watched the first two episodes of the season, but decided it wasn’t worth the time to keep up with anymore; I’d watch when I could, but wouldn’t make it appointment viewing. Last night, I caught my first episode since those first two, “Man Up,” and it pretty much just solidified by previous thinking about the show. I have a few other quick thoughts after the jump.

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