Sons of Anarchy | “Dorylus”

There was a new Sons of Anarchy last night, and I have a review right after the jump.

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63rd Primetime Emmy Awards | Post-Show Round-Up

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out Sunday night, so in the 24-hour news cycle, they’re old news at this point. But since I posted my hopes and predictions that afternoon before the show, I wanted to do a quick follow-up to evaluate my prognosticating skills and to share some brief thoughts on the winners and losers.

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63rd Primetime Emmy Awards | Hopes & Predictions

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards will be handed out tonight, during a ceremony airing on NBC and hosted by Glee star (and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominee) Jane Lynch. Just in time for the show, then, I’ve put together a list of my predictions for who will win, as well as my hopes for some upset winners.

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Up All Night & Free Agents | “Pilots”

Two of NBC’s new comedies, Up All Night and Free Agents, premiered Wednesday night in a special post-America’s Got Talent time slot (a move that seemed to benefit the former more than the latter). It’s been a couple days at this point, but I have some quick thoughts on each after the jump.

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Sons of Anarchy | “Booster”

It’s getting late, but I wanted to get some quick thoughts up on last night’s Sons of Anarchy before it got away from me. Those thoughts, after the jump.

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Fall TV Preview | 5 Most Anticipated Returning Shows

Yesterday evening, I posted my list of the five new shows I’m most anticipating this fall. The caveat there was that I don’t necessarily think the shows I’m anticipating are the best of the new crop, but, rather, that they’re the ones I’m most looking forward to watching to see how they play out.

In terms of returning shows, though, the five I’m most anticipating are five of my favorite shows on TV. There are no instances of “I’m uncertain about this, and want to see if it succeeds or fails” (well, with maybe one exception). No, these five have all earned a spot in the top tier of my viewing schedule, and I simply can’t wait to have them back on my screen. My list after the jump:

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Fall TV Preview | 5 Most Anticipated New Shows

The fall TV season officially kicks off tonight — with a new season of Parenthood on NBC and the return of 90210 and Sarah Michelle Gellar (in Ringer) on The CW — so I’m just in time to list off the five new shows I’m most anticipating (my list of returning shows will be posted tomorrow).

Buzz on the new crop isn’t particularly positive (in fact, this season might be generating the least excitement in recent memory), so my “anticipating” shows here does not necessarily mean I think they will be the best; rather, these five series, even if they turn out to be terrible, are the ones I’m most excited to watch, due to intriguing premises, the caliber of the cast or behind-the-scenes production team, or what have you. My list after the jump:

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