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Sons of Anarchy | “Una Venta”

I’m a little past due on this one, but it’s been a busy week and I just got around to watching Tuesday night’s Sons of Anarchy. So become a member of the Gold Circle Club and click through for my review of “Una Venta”…

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Sons of Anarchy | “Dorylus”

There was a new Sons of Anarchy last night, and I have a review right after the jump.

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Sons of Anarchy | “Booster”

It’s getting late, but I wanted to get some quick thoughts up on last night’s Sons of Anarchy before it got away from me. Those thoughts, after the jump.

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Sons of Anarchy | Catch-Up / “Out”

In just the past few weeks, I went from prospect to full club member by catching up with Sons of Anarchy from the very beginning — just in time for the season four premiere last night. I have some thoughts on the series so far and, more specifically, on “Out” after the jump.

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