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Sitcom Survey: ABC | BP at the Daily

‘Modern Family’ is one of ABC’s most acclaimed shows, but does it deserve all the praise?

In today’s issue of the Tufts Daily, I have my third piece in a four-part series investigating the current state of network television comedy. I’m taking a network by network approach, and today’s focus is on ABC.

CBS is home to the mass-appeal, more traditional sitcom, Fox has a stronghold on animation and NBC boasts a lineup of critically acclaimed single-camera comedies. So where does that leave ABC?

The network had somewhat of a comedy resurgence last season, when it premiered “Modern Family,” “Cougar Town” and “The Middle” all to some level of success (all three were renewed for a second season, and have since been renewed for a third as well). “Modern Family” was quickly heralded as the comeback of the family comedy and was, along with Fox’s “Glee,” the breakout hit of the 2009-10 TV season. The other two flew more under the radar, but have developed into solid hits.

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‘Mr. Sunshine’ review | BP at the Daily

My review of Mr. Sunshine, the new Matthew Perry comedy on NBC, ran in today’s edition of the Tufts Daily.

Some TV comedies measure greatness in terms of jokes per minute. For instance, funnier equals better for Tina Fey and company on “30 Rock,” even if it means cutting corners when it comes to plot and characterization. Other comedies can be good without being laugh−out−loud funny. “Scrubs” (2001−10), although it certainly had its humorous moments, was always at its best when it threw more serious dramatic elements into the mix.

Unfortunately, “Mr. Sunshine,” the new Matthew Perry vehicle on ABC, doesn’t fall into either camp. Despite a strong cast and promising premise, the jokes largely fall flat and there isn’t much substance to otherwise prop up the show.

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Cougar Town | “Cry to Me”

A very "Cougar Town" Valentine's Day

Cougar Town aired its final episode before a two-month hiatus last night, and I have a review after the jump.

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My 5 Most Anticipated Mid-Season Shows

2011 looks like it will be a great year for TV. Breaking Bad will launch its fourth season this summer, and Mad Men (which I caught up on over my winter break) will start its fifth sometime later this year. Not even counting those late returners, though, there are a bunch of mid-season shows beginning over the next couple months: old ones that are starting new seasons or returning from the winter hiatus, and a whole crop of newcomers that look promising. I have a list of my 5 most anticipated mid-season series, new and returning, after the jump.

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